the doll haus murders


Anonymous said: So just what kind of porn do you fancy

The kinda where the girl gets into that real obscure position called ‘none of your’ and the guy STARTS fucking her right in her buisness

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Anonymous said: YOURE THE CUTEST EVER.

you make me blush stranger! ^_^

Anonymous said: Where u on omegle recently?

not in the last 3 years …maybe 4 years…sorry

Anonymous said: Is there anything that you think of, any place you go in your mind that brings you happiness. I really need some inspiration for that right about now.

the beach at night. nothing seems quite as bad when i am there. but basically, find your calm place. it might be in your room, at a park or even with a loved one. as for in my mind….nothing works as much as literally removing myself from the world for bit. Make the world smaller, more manageable. thats my happiness. and of course, being with my favourite people. 

Anonymous said: Is it odd that I want so badly to over dose and wind up in the hospital but not die. Like I wouldn't be mad if I did die but I just wanna get away from it all and get help and have my family see that I'm not faking it. To have them see I'm not okay.

WORDS. Please please please Please talk to them. do NOT over dose. it can do so much damage to your body. i beg you to seek help but do it without taking extreme self harming actions, in the long run you will be thankful you didn’t. you don’t want scars on for wrists when you are sitting for that dream job, you don’t want a suicide attempt to be on your record and be restrained and held against your will. suicide and self harm is not to way to go. speak up. more people care than you know.

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*sees a dog*

me: holy shit

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